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As I welcome the new Government regulation on building policy being driven by the Ministry of Energy directing that people building residential or commercial houses in the major towns are to install solar water heating systems, although a good start we would like to challenge the government further. To bring the point home I would like to challenge the Kibaki administration to install solar panels at State House by 10/10/10 and lead from the front whilst sending strong message that all Kenyans need to adopt towards the "green economy".

10/10/10 is the "Global Work Day Party" — a day when communities all over the world will be installing clean energy and celebrating climate solutions.  By keeping the focus on 10/10/10, we can make it clear that communities all over the world are getting to work building the clean energy economy–and we need our political leaders to join us in this effort. This is a campaign that is being organized by an organization known as 350.org  The idea is to get world leaders involved. Each one has a roof over their heads--in India at the Rashtrapati Bhavan; in Mexico they call it Los Pinos, and in Washington it's the White House. Those solar panels won't be enough to solve climate change, obviously. But they'll send a strong symbolic message about what the future demands--and maybe our leaders will see how easy it is to start down a greener path. If they hammer in a solar panel, perhaps they'll feel more committed to hammering out some more clean energy legislation.  Climate change is now widely recognized as the major environmental problem facing the globe. Ironically Africa which is least responsible for producing "green house gases" that are greatly responsible for what is now commonly referred to as "climate change" is going to suffer most from the effects of climate change. Being particularly vulnerable climate change is a major threat to sustainable growth and development not to mention Vision 2030. Kenya and Africa has genuine need to increase and diversify her energy needs and the time to act is now. Good news already! Just as the campaign is being launched, President Mohammed Nasheed of the Maldives confirmed he'll be up on his roof on 10/10/10, installing a solar array. Who's next? Over to you President Kibaki.




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