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PRODUCTS - Give the Environment and your pocket a BREAK!


Captain Green multi purpose solar rechargeable Lantern
This is a high luminous effect and energy saving 36 LED lantern. Comes with its own 3watt high quality solar panel. Once fully charged it has a 3 month stand-by period. Can also be charged using AC and DC.


Captain Green Solar rechargeable Torch
No more batteries required and no bulbs to change. Uses 4 or 6 energy saving LED technology. This solar torch is powered by the sun to give you free light. Environment and pocket friendly.


Captain Green Solar Powered AM/FM Radio
Excellent AM/FM solar powered radio with superbright LED torch and 8 LED lamp. This radio can be charged using the sun, wind up dynamo, AC and DC. Never be stuck with out your news or favorite radio entertainment programmes. No batteries required. Environment friendly fun


Captain Green Energy Saving Bulbs
Why pay extra for your lighting when you can Go Green with Captain Green Energy saving bulbs. The bulbs will give you up to 80% energy saving over traditional incandescent bulbs. One year guarantee with extra long life up to 8 times longer than traditional incandescent bulb based on average residential usage of 1000 hours per year within standard and constant electric tension (voltage).


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