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Interchange Kenya Ltd is private limited company registered and incorporated in the Republic of Kenya. The company’s niche and central theme of operation is anchored on the concept of green consumption, thus the company almost fully focuses and concentrates on marketing and selling of renewable energy, energy and cost saving consumer products to both individual and corporate clients. We provide simple and effective solutions that are good for the environment and help businesses and people concerned about rising energy costs and the effects of climate change. Our products which trade under the brand name “Captain Green” are designed to be effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. Climate change and global warming are accepted realities, after years of research it has now emerged that climate change is no longer a concern for environmentalists alone but for individuals, business and governments.

Daily we get reports from different parts of the world on the effects of climate change. In our own country we have all felt the effects from crop failure to power rationing, all attributed to climate change. By marketing and selling renewable and sustainable energy saving products, we are participating in the global efforts of conserving our fast diminishing natural resources and also ensuring that the more readily available and cheaper natural resources such as solar and wind energy are more effectively and efficiently utilized. Interchange (K) Ltd was created to help individuals and businesses to tackle the challenges presented by human induced climate change, as eco-warriors we feel the time to act is now by adopting greener and more efficient lifestyles and moving towards a green economy.


Our mission is to persuade and convert the Kenyan population and beyond from consuming conventional goods and products that are inefficient and endanger our delicate environment, by offering alternative green lifestyle products and offering advice and training on the importance of safe guarding our environment and natural resources.


We visualize a situation in which we have totally transformed people’s consumption behavior in Kenya and beyond, from the conventional products that are largely pollutant to the environment, to more convenient, efficient and environment friendly products.


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